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Kvinnelig g spot orgasme guide

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I also come from the same spot using a dildo especially my extra girthy one My husband is smaller than average length and girth. Take the time to teach, to your husband how to use his fingers to find your G-spot. You need to find what turns you on and then clinch. But if you are turned on and your partner touches your G Spot, then it will feel incredibly pleasurable. Lots of good advice. And as I read through this article. Listen to more Bad Girls Bible podcast episodes .

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Instead focus on what feels most pleasurable and the orgasm will just happen. Ii have no idea if ir is my g spot. So when you are pressing on your G Spot with your fingers or a dildo or even his penis, you are also going to put some pressure on your bladder. And I never told him that I never feel anything at all. The Crab is fantastic for hitting your G Spot, especially if you enjoy being on top during sex. Thank you very much!! This diagram below should help:.

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And though the whole notion of the G-spot is hardly new — sex researchers have touted it for Here, we'll guide you to yours — yes, you will find it. And some say they even ejaculate a clear, odorless fluid upon orgasm.

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Here's everything to know about the female G-spot. area inside the vagina that, when stimulated, may help some women reach orgasm.

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